Living Rock Church

To boldly follow Jesus and make multiplying disciples.

Our Core Values


The great news of the Gospel of Jesus is our core. The Gospel saves us, defines us, informs us and propels us in everything that we do. In our work, in our play, in our homes, amongst our neighbors, wherever we may be, we will continually seek to show and share the Gospel. The question is always, “How can I best communicate the Gospel in this moment?”

Authentic Relationship

God created us to engage in authentic relationships. He pursues us, and desires for us to be in intimate, authentic relationship with Him through faith in Jesus. He desires for us to be in authentic relationship within His church as we experience life together, the good, bad and ugly, being genuine in every circumstance. He desires for us to be in authentic relationship with the world around us, as we point those around us to authentic faith in Jesus.


God is the most generous giver in the universe. We believe that God desires for us to reflect His generosity in every way, as we live with open hands with our time, energy, talents, and resources.


We are called by Jesus to be multipliers as both individuals and as a church. Jesus calls us to go into all the world and make disciples, that is, to readily show and share the Gospel “as we go”, and then help those that God connects us with to grow in their faith in Jesus. As a church, we believe that the best way to reach a people with the Gospel is through church planting. We will multiply as a church by sending out teams to plant churches wherever God may call.